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19.12.07 "The Book With The Yellow Pages - And The White Ones!"

Allcorp Advertising received a letter from the lawyers of one of thephone directory publications advising us of the correct use of theirname. This was obviously a very trivial matter and leaves us wonderingthat maybe if this phone book company (It has yellow pages in it - andwhite ones!) spent more time looking after their customers advertisingneeds rather than pursuing matters of an inferior nature, they mightactually produce some competent results with their clients advertisingmoney.

As far as we can tell there are two main phone directories in North Queensland and they both have yellow pages in them. So how can they tell us how we can and can't refer to the colour of the pages in their book?

Once again we invite all of our clients to book their advertising production in these phone books with yellow pages in them for next years publication with Allcorp Advertising to get a superior result.

We hope our clients got as much of a laugh out of this as we did.

21.11.07 Abundance Of Print Design Work

Allcorp Advertising has recently been responsible for a huge amount of print design work for our current and many new clients. This work has ranged from the conceptualisation and design of telephone directory advertising for next year's books to a lot of campaign creation for newspaper and magazine publications.

The print industry is not dead yet and still provides a valuable medium to promote your business. With this said, it is imperative that any advertising that is done in these mediums is done properly. It is true that these publications have an in house production department, but the problem with trusting free-production to create your ad is summed up with the well known saying; "you get what you pay for."

Yes, free production offices attached to larger scale print houses can do some okay work, however you - as a business owner - must ask "is okay enough?"

By going the extra stretch to do your advertising properly and employing the assistance of Allcorp Advertising to act on your behalf and create and supply artwork to the newspaper, magazine or telephone directory you will be assured that the production of your advertisement has been professionally designed and targeted to your client base.

19.10.07 wwwhat's in a name?

A local self proclaimed internet advertising expert in Cairns has recently advised that it is important to not only register as many different variations of your domain name as possible but to also consider registering misspellings of your domain name.

Obviously a business could go on and on with an endless list of possibilities and this advice (If it can be called that) probably deserves to be discarded as quickly as the publication that it appears in.

As advertising specialists - not just web hosts as the majority of web development businesses in the city of cairns and Townsville - we know that the most effective way to market your company is by having a single strong identity. Your domain name should be easily memorable and not too lengthy. It's as simple as that.

Registering misspellings of a domain name is a pointless endeavour - after all, no business asks for extra telephone numbers for the off chance that someone's obese fingers might accidentally press a 6 instead of a 2.

Talk to us first when you are considering starting out or renewing a tired internet identity. Allcorp Advertising is the preferred choice for many businesses in North Queensland - in fact; no other local business has as many clients as we do - so stick with the proven local choice for internet advertising. We promise not to give you ignorant advice such as the subject of this article often does.

25.09.07 More Print Work

Allcorp Advertising has developed a lot of print work recently and would like to remind all clients that if you want any of this work done please contact us so that we can show you the difference of free printer supplied artwork production and superior production by Allcorp Advertising.

Because we do not deal with the mass produced market - like some printers do - we have the time to give the correct amount of fine tuning and attention to detail in all of our print work.

04.09.07 Telephone Directory Advertisements

Allcorp Advertising has been utilised by our clients in the production of visually appealing, demographic targeted print advertising campaigns for years and the local telephone directory advertisements are no exception to the rule that you get what you pay for.

Most of our clients spend thousands of dollars on the space in these phone books but then produce an advertisement using a free production service. The results of this are generally an advertisement with very little success.

If you want your telephone directory advertising to reach its full potential have Allcorp Advertising prepare your advertisement professionally and avoid wasting money on dead space.

12.07.07 2006/07 Our Biggest Year Yet!

Allcorp Advertising is still the largest and strongest local web development company in North Queensland and our recent development into the exciting world of print, radio and video advertising paints a bright picture for the coming years.

We now cater to the advertising needs of over 280 local North Queensland businesses which is expected to grow considerably over the next 12 months. Our commitment to ongoing research and training continues and we are employing more staff to keep up with the demand.

25.06.07 Busy Run Up To End Of Financial Year

The demand for Allcorp Advertising services is growing very quickly with this latest trend and we will be employing new staff to cater for the workload in the new financial year.

One week in June say the completion of 6 new web sites, 3 web site rebuilds for existing clients, one 4 page newsletter with 5,000 prints, 1 multimedia production and a brochure design and print.

The amount of work being produced by Allcorp Advertising is more than any other similar business in our field and goes to show that North Queensland businesses are embracing quality advertising.

On top of this work load Allcorp Advertising also gained a number of important clients from Charters Towers further strengthening our scope throughout the North.

11.05.07 Rebuilds A Plenty

Allcorp Advertising specialises in establishing an ongoing commitment to our clients in whatever medium, whether big or small. Due to this level of service we always listen to what our clients and our client's customers want.

In the month of April we spent quite a lot of time doing an audit of some of our older web site clients products and suggesting ways in which their sites could be improved. This was done by examining the latest statistics of their web site traffic to find out what the customer wanted to see as well as liaising with our client to get their thoughts on how they imagined improvement could occur.

With our help, resources and ability to listen to our individual client needs we were able to rework these web sites and improve them considerable. This was not done because the original web sites were inferior, but rather because the new products are much better.

26.02.07 Record New Clients

5 businesses decided to let Allcorp Advertising handle their marketing needs and became clients in just one week (19-23.02.07) which reiterates that Allcorp Advertising is one of the most progressive advertising agencies in the North. Now, with a record 204 local business clients we are proving that North Queensland can use a local business for professional advertising and marketing without using a Southern based provider.

04.01.07 Server Upgrade

We have recently signed a lease with one of the largest internet providers in Australia for all of our clients hosting needs. This new contract means our internet clients will be hosted on the same infrastructure as some of the biggest companies in Australia.

This new platform means your web site and data transfer will be faster and there is also a space limit increase. There will be no extra charge to our clients and all of our new hosting is ADSL2+ efficient.

01.01.07 New Web Site

In order to keep our clients up to date with the latest information we have developed our new web site. Allcorp Version 7 offers our clients the ability to log into our site and view their account information and other important data.

We have also structured this new web site around all of the services offered by Allcorp Advertising, rather than just web sites. This has been a long time coming, but I suppose we have been busy looking after all of our clients over the last few years and neglecting our own advertising.

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Ash and Michelle Moseley
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"Allcorp are nothing but amazing! So responsive and seem to make magic happen on our ever changing website and google ads! I would recommend them to anyone in a heart beat."

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Megan Thomas
AG Height Safety Queensland
"Allcorp have amazing customer service. They treat you like family and are always on top of making sure everything is running right to suit your business needs."

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Mark Leitner
Pickers Vinyl & Canvas
"We couldn't recommend Allcorp enough. They go above and beyond to help with all enquiries, they have impeccable customer service and always do it with a smile. Great company to do business with."

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Shannon Craven-Sands
Coral Coast Airconditioning
"I really appreciate all of the excellent work and extreme efforts from Allcorp. I can tell the difference already as work has picked up another notch again. We're very busy! "

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Jeremy Spence
Neptune Refrigeration
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