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Our job is to get you more business, and we're good at our job

As 2015 draws to a close we can look back at the more than 150 new projects we have completed and see first hand how we have been able to bring substantial benefit to our clients.

Our website design quality and marketing philosophy has brought real results. As most website companies put sites together with no regard for any marketing prowess or design balance and, realistically, just 'paint by numbers' to achieve the desired result of just getting a website for the sake of getting a website, Allcorp projects stand above the crowd on another tier altogether.

Our websites are designed for the client. They are made to suit the business image and branding. Unlike others we also put effort into making the potential customers who are viewing our client websites see the benefits of making a buying decision based on what they see in the site. This is accomplished with visual and written cues to make an impact on the potential customer and sufficient 'call-to-action' events to encourage them making contact.

These are not services that other website businesses incorporate into their projects. This is why throughout 2015 we have had dozens of calls and emails of feedback exclaiming how our clients have received extra business based on the website alone and how our website has opened new doors that were previously closed.

We revel in this feedback as it encourages us to continue to find new ways of adapting our styles to enhance the amount of extra business we can bring to all of our clients. Couple this with our class leading Google services and the fact that we are the only local website design business who is a certified Google partner and we can see only more avenues we can use to drive new clients through our clients doors.

If you want more business let us show you how we can generate real results for you. With our experience of more than 15 years as leaders in our field, exclusive partnerships and accredited staff we are the only choice if you want your online marketing to succeed. Over 1,000 very busy clients can't be wrong.

We are now a certified Google Partner - The only local website design company to achieve this status and the preferred choice for any business who needs to successfully market themselves online.

After many years of working towards improving the internet marketing of our clients and attending Google courses and seminars along with taking exams and other due diligence criteria we have successfully been granted the status of approved Google Partner.

This status is not an easy achievement and it is only given to those who are seen as having the knowledge and understanding to effectively use Google marketing products to assist businesses and improve their online footprint.

cairns townsville google partner

Couple these abilities with the quality of the website products we produce and the real world benefits are seen by clients. It is these abilities coupled with our ongoing commitment to working with Google and maintaining our relationship with them that sees us as the leaders in our industry and the only source for clients who want to get the most out of their website and associated marketing.

We are very pleased that, going into our 16th year as a local website design business, we have been able to gain this accreditation as it shows that we have been recognised by one of the biggest companies in the world for the quality of our services. We are a website design business that both knows how to design websites of the highest quality but can also effectively market these websites with search engine programs such as Google AdWords and organic optimisation services - and we are the only locally owned company who has this status.

In the words of Google themselves they sum up that a Google partner is a business that is able to assist clients with Google search engine marketing services and as an agency that is recognised as a trusted business partner by Google. This means that we have undergone qualification procedures to maintain a service level which is to the high standards of Google. We have also implemented business practices that are consistent with Google policies meaning we are a trusted source of Google services in the region and have full Google support with all of our client accounts.

If you are dealing with a website design company who is not a Google Partner now is the time to contact us and let us help you improve your online presence that only we know how by getting in touch with your Allcorp area manager from the contacts below:

Cairns: Elliot Marchant 0417 967 510 or email
Townsville: Peta Mayes 0419 899 757 or email
Hervey Bay: Peter Mayer 0417 619 786 or email

You can rely on our Google AdWords campaigns being a customised program that is tailor made to suit your business
allcorp google adwords

This month our work into helping clients with Google marketing showed us some more examples of the unprofessional tactics some of the other Google marketing companies out there are using - even some of the big national companies.

A new client from Townsville called Twin Cities Auto Electrical had been paying a Google marketing company to promote their business with Google AdWords. After working with us to redesign their website (also made by the same company who was doing their Google marketing) and being very impressed by the quality of our projects they asked us to look into their Google campaign.

The first thing we noticed was that there was a grammatical error in the ad itself - not so big a deal really, we all make mistakes and this would be easily fixable. We then looked further into the ads this company was selling to their clients and noticed an identical ad - with the same grammatical error - was appearing for an Auto Electrician in Cairns.

Broadening the scope a bit and looking around at other cities’ auto electricians we found that pretty much every town had an auto electrician with the same identical ad running in Google AdWords - all managed by the same company.

We then looked into other industries and types of companies and found they all had the same ads running too. Numerous times the same identical ads appeared just with a different business name.

For a company to sell a marketing product to their clients that is just picking a predetermined industry specific template off a shelf shows a certain amount of laziness and very little desire to actually try and help improve their clients’ businesses.

At Allcorp we tailor make our Google AdWords packages to suit our client. If we were to do an identical Google campaign for Twin Cities Auto Electrical as we are doing for another auto electrician we'd basically be just saying that all Auto Electricians are the same.

Our Google campaigns are carefully written to suit the client’s business and their location along with the target demographic of their potential customers in mind. This additional care and attention we take is why our clients are receiving real world benefits from their Google marketing.

If you are doing a Google campaign with another company we urge you to do some searches for similar businesses to your own in other cities and see if your provider is using this tactic. If they are you are not receiving the full benefit of your marketing in Google and need to bring this to their attention straight away.

If you would like us to help you with these services please contact our offices and find out how you can start enjoying the advantages that dealing with professionals who are Google AdWords certified can bring to your company.

You could be wasting your Google budget on pointless clicks

Now that we have staff working in our studio who are Google AdWords certified we see a lot of examples of businesses who have appointed non certified Google AdWords businesses to handle their campaigns poorly.

Unfortunately we usually only see this when a business has wasted a lot of time and money on such campaigns. This is usually when the client comes to us asking for help and is wondering why their Google investment isn’t providing much of a return on their investment.

One such example is in the case of a client who is a local business in Cairns. The nature of their business means that they don’t service clients from outside of the Cairns area. This business had been approached by a Melbourne business to manage a Google AdWords campaign. Claiming to be the experts when it comes to setting up and managing Google campaigns the client agreed to pay them just over $1,500 per month to effectively market their business on Google.

The chart below is one full month of Google clicks that we investigated after the client came to us for help. As you can see by the chart, in this campaign that was being managed by a Melbourne based company of Google marketing experts, the majority of clicks were from areas other than Cairns.

google sem services and adwords

To put in in other words, the majority of clicks were from people who live in areas that the client can’t service. These clicks were effectively wasted and when you consider that the client pays on a 'per-click' basis you can see why this is an unwise investment.

The good news is that once our Google AdWords Certified staff took over the campaign we are achieving a much more precise result to an audience that the client can service. Due to our abilities to manage and run these campaigns efficiently we have increased the relevant traffic to the site while cutting the monthly spend to less than a quarter of what the other business were charging.

This is just one example of many that we see and there are other problems that we have found when non Google Certified businesses try and manage these campaigns. If you are doing one of these campaigns with a company other than Allcorp we impress upon you the importance of having a meeting with one of our team and letting us do a free audit on your Google AdWords account. Wouldn’t it be worth it if we can get you better traffic from a more relevant market for a lesser price?

Click here to read more about our Google Certified SEM services.

Introducing Elliot Marchant as our Cairns district account manager

Elliot has been part of our team for a few months now and has made significant inroads towards helping a lot of businesses find success in their online advertising and marketing strategies.

Coming from a successful career in business-to-business sales and with a long history of successfully working with clients towards efficient project management, Elliot is instrumental in helping us keep our Cairns clients up to date with the latest trends.

We are also able to manage our time much more precisely and deliver our award winning and proven products and services to clients quicker than ever. Elliot manages the entire Cairns region in both client development and support and is fully up to speed on all of our services and products.

Being the Cairns representative for the best website development and Google marketing services in the region, Elliot has spent many hours working with the various departments within Allcorp to ensure having the right information to portray to all clients.

Contact Elliot on 0417 967 510

Are you investing your advertising budget wisely?

Oneof our colleagues who is a property manager at one of the Cairns Beachesaccommodation complexes sent us this photo of the latest editions of the LocalDirectories phone books at their centre management office.

Our colleague advised that last year when the books were delivered they wereindividually placed on the doorsteps of each of the 96 apartments in thecomplex. The problem was that, like we all have realised over the last 4 or 5years, nobody really reads these books, and the majority of the 96 booksdelivered last year ended up as wet, soggy messes in the gardens a short timeafter their delivery.

The property management therefore decided that all future deliveries of YellowPages and Local Directories phone books will be delivered to the managementoffice and then all the residents of the complex would be advised that they canbe collected if they wanted one.

a poor spend of advertising money in cairns

The image shows the reality of how much demand there is for these books. Not one of the 96 residents in this upmarket apartment complex chose to take their copy of the phone book. Now, 1 month later, the apartment complex management have decided that recycling is the only solution. They have also notified the phone book companies not to bother because not a single person in the complex was interested in their product.

We were also advised that the managers of this apartment had heard similar reports from other apartment buildings in the area with stacks of yellow books piling up in driveways.

The question this story should pose to any business owner is how much did your investment inthese phone books have at offering a return on your investment? Certainly the good people at Trinity Beach in Cairns didn’t take notice! A business who advertised in this book may as well have just recycled their money in the same manner that these 96 books are being recycled now.

A wise spend of your advertising budget in smarter, new media such as websites and internet marketing not only is relevant to the majority of your clients and potential clients but also is considerably cheaper than the dinosaur marketing products with the soon to be recycled cheap yellow paper. Talk to our industry leading local web experts today about how we can get you more business while saving you money.

Beware of Fly By Night SEM & SEO Marketing Companies

As of late, we’ve been receiving reports of aggressive telemarketing companies, promising clients they’re a “Google Partner” or “Partnered with Google” and can guarantee customers the top spot in organic Google rankings. It’s important that potential advertisers are aware of the difference between SEM or Search Engine Marketing and SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. Here’s an example of one customer having issues:

SEO is a process undertaken on the website to increase the performance of your site and make it most attractive to Google and many other popular search engines, to give your site the best opportunity to rank well in organic searches.

SEM is a pay per click form of advertising and is displayed separately from the organic search results.

How to tell the difference?

Google clearly marks out the paid advertising with an “Ad” icon and are displayed at the top of search results, the right hand side and often below the organic listings as the example on the left.

Allcorp certification

Allcorp are unique in being able to provide customers with Google AdWords SEM services because all staff who work in the Google SEM department hold an official Google AdWords Certification.

This means when we say that we are bringing you the real Google package we mean it!

In order to gain this accreditation our personnel (Headed up by Kate Mayer) have attended Google conferences, Google seminars and undertaken exams to ensure we have the correct knowledge to provide clients with official Google SEM AdWords products and services.

Our SEM team also have a dedicated Google account manager who ensures we have the Google support we need to keep our SEM clients at the cutting edge of smarter Google marketing.

If you are currently performing Google AdWords with another company in the region be sure that you’re confident in their certifications. If they aren't Google AdWords Certified there are high you run the risk of spending too much on an inferior service and not using your SEM budget wisely.

Another financial year over

Another year over and lots of developments have been taking place in our company to better fulfill the needs of our clients. In the new year we have implemented staff increases to assist us to better work towards achieving excellent results for our clients and we have finally finished setting up our new head office which is set to be the central hub of our operation.

With so many internet marketing professional services now on offer we are positioned as the leaders in our field in our regions. No other similar company has the resources, people power and accreditation's that we have and we are set to mark the new financial year as another milestone towards our provision of only the highest quality services and products.

So we hope that all of our clients have enjoyed 2014/2015 and we are looking forward to working with you in 2015/2016 with some of the exciting new services we have engaged along with the tried and tested services we have always been providing.

Kids In Need Donations (KIND)

A quick shout out to one of our valued customers who’s doing their part in helping out the local community – Danielle at Bellero’s Electrical in Mossman heads up the KIND (Kids In Need Of Donations) Organisation, helping out children with serious illnesses.

Throughout the year KIND runs local events to help raise money and spread the awareness of the need for these children and their families.

allcorp charity group
The financial support the families are given is through a range of initiatives - from airfares for family members not covered by the Government assistance to attend their child’s medical appointments in other cities such as Brisbane and Melbourne, through to simply reimbursing out of pocket expenses such as taxis, accommodation or groceries.

Join KIND Inc at their facebook page to keep up to date with current events and get the details to make a much needed donation!

Facebook page:

Our new Google certified services have been showing surprising results for our SEM clients

As you will be aware from past news items this year, 2015 marked the year the Allcorp staff became fully Google certified for AdWords pay per click search engine marketing (SEM). With the assistance of our Google case manager we have been working with our clients in targeting Google advertising.

Using our new found skills and with Google providing valuable insights to assist us (A service that Google only provide to certified AdWords people), we have shown some great returns to our clients.

With our Google AdWords services we can provide our clients with valuable resources of how website users are interacting with the website and provide real facts based on our analytic software provided by Google that is installed on all SEM client websites.

google services provider

For instance we were showing an SEM client their regular monthly traffic report and along with the usual collected data such as number of clicks on the advertisement, how many people saw the ad, what keyword people searched for, who clicked on the ad but also tracking of the people who click on the ads through the website. We can show SEM clients where the people who responded to their ad went in their website, how they interacted with 'call to action' messages placed through the site and even if they made attempts to make contact with the website owner through the contact form or completing forms within the website.

On top of all of this great information we can also see increases in the organic ranking of the website in Google. We see this because we are working with many SEM clients who are doing these campaigns as an add on to their already running SEO campaigns.

It has become apparent in recent months that the competitiveness of Google search results has meant that in some industries it is important to add SEM to the SEO that is already being performed because the SEO on its own is proving to not be powerful enough.

With our SEO clients who have been running our Google certified AdWords campaigns with SEM for a few months we have tracked a significant increase in their SEO rankings. This means great things for these businesses because they will often have twice as much exposure on the frontpage of Google searches - once with their AdWords SEM listings that we are managing on their behalf and once more with the organic SEO listings that we are maintaining for them.

All of this results in a great ROI with clients already seeing significant increases in the number of phone calls and general inquiries they are receiving on a day to day basis. With most of them dropping all of their low-tech advertising such as newspaper, radio, phone directories and television in order to divert their budgets towards the internet services provided by Allcorp they can only attest that the increased business they are receiving is all thanks to Allcorp and our fully Google certified services.

Introducing Peta Mayes - The newest addition to the Allcorp team

Many of our clients in Townsville will have already met Peta over the last month and if you haven't yet you will be hearing from her soon. Peta is a very experienced and knowledgeable media sales expert who has joined our team as the account director of our Townsville office.

Peta moved to our company from a very successful career with Local Directories and Sensis Media (Yellow) after seeing the transitioning effect of businesses shying away from printed media and more towards digital media.

Being a media professional with fingers on the pulse of what is going on in Townsville, Peta already knew of our company. After witnessing firsthand the explosion of Allcorp acceptance amongst Townsville businesses and seeing us grow exponentially over the last 15 years to be the largest internet development company in the area (and probably losing a few clients to us as well!) Peta has made the wise move of joining in with our company to ensure being part of a forward thinking, future proof organisation.

Peta has the main responsibility of marketing our advertising services including search engine optimisation and Google AdWords certified SEM services to our Townsville clients and has already had a roaring success in her first few weeks on board. We're very confident you will find the professionalism and product knowledge of Peta to be of the highest standard and trust you will find her willing to do what is best for your businesses success in digital marketing.

If you need to contact Peta you can do so on 0419 899 757 or (07) 4792 2414

Positive signs that our region is getting back on track

All you have to do is read the latest market research and media headlines to see that there are very positive things being said about the economy in our regions. Property is starting to sell in droves which is always a very good sign of the trickle down effect of a rising economy.

Allcorp has seen this first hand with our biggest production month ever in April with 12 brand new website designs being finalised, 8 mobile website projects completed and the commencement of 3 SEO campaigns and 8 Google AdWords SEM campaigns.

All of our sales offices are also reporting a new-found positivity and confidence amongst clients with more willingness to invest money in the growth of their businesses with all of the quality services Allcorp provides.

All in all we are confident that this and previous good news stories signals the return of the peak times and signals 2015 as the year that it all changed.

As of April 21st Google will require everyone to have a mobile device friendly website. Those who don't will miss out on Google ranking

Google have announced the cut-off date for those who don't yet have their websites mobile friendly is to be April 21st with the official statement being that if your site isn't mobile friendly by this date you'll be ignored by Google searches on mobile devices and the main website search engine positioning will most likely suffer as well.

This comes as a result of Google continually driving the internet in the direction it needs to go in order to grow and further benefit consumers and, with Google possessing some of the best statistics in the world on how people use the internet, they are in the best position to make this call.

We know from our own insights into the Queensland internet users market with our own portfolio of over 1000 website clients that the statistics are showing more and more the numbers of people using mobile devices to view websites and make buying decisions and up until now it has always been an option to have the website mobile optimised. Now though Google have basically made it compulsory by punishing those who do not embrace this technology and make their website mobile friendly.

This doesn't necessarily mean a huge expense. For Allcorp clients we can develop your mobile friendly website version from as little as $440.00. A small price to pay in order to keep the website user friendly to your customers, technically correct and ranked well by Google as well as protected from the potential damage that can ensue if Google decide they are going to stop noticing your website which can take months to counteract.

If you would like to get your website mobile device friendly by the cut-off date of April 21st don't delay contact our sales team today and let us get things moving in the right direction.

Google robots now gather even more information about your website when they crawl it – could your website be suffering because of what they are now seeing?

Late last year Google announced that they had changed the way their crawlers and robots gather information about websites they visit. The main area they have changed their tactics is by increasing the type of information they see including a more astute look at the content and structure of a website. Previous Google robot standards were mainly focussed on website content but their new way of gathering information about a website gives a clearer indication of how the website actually looks.

This means that instead of looking at your website from a strictly text content viewpoint, the robots will now be also looking at the script type used on the website, stylesheets, JavaScript among other core elements. As this has been the standard for the past 3 months we have seen by our own search engine optimisation clients the effect it is having on websites. This is because we pay close attention to how our SEO client websites are tracking and we have a good indication of what architecture the websites are developed around.

townsville website design

There has been a significant impact on websites that are built on the older HTML platforms as well as websites that contain Flash animation. While this wasn’t such an issue in previous years it has now become important because Google is not just grabbing the text from a website but also looking into how things are built and how the structure is laid out much more closely. This in turn handicaps websites that are built on older framework as well as sites that contain older development tools that Google now sees as obsolete.

While we always develop our websites around current trends the reality of this industry is that what is current is only such for a short time before something new and improved comes along. With our SEO clients who are noticing a drop in exposure it is important to look into how the websites are built and how old they are to determine what course of action can improve the situation.

Basically any website that is more than 24 months old will probably be affected by this. Not to say that there is anything wrong with the websites in general, only that Google have changed what they are looking for in a website and downgrading websites that don’t have certain aspects included. These aspects weren’t important issues 24 months ago but now, with these new website crawling policies from Google, it is important to ensure that websites are up to the latest standards in technology.

Fixing this issue is usually quite simple and it doesn’t cost a lot at all. It is also something that we have seen dramatically improves the Google ranking of a website. If you feel your website is lacking or dropping in Google ranking talk to one of our sales team today and let us help you get back on top.

Allcorp is now your local Google AdWords expert

Allcorp are now managing numerous Google AdWords campaigns on behalf of many clients who are finding their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is no longer providing strong enough results. A Google AdWords campaign falls into the category of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and is the process where we manage a campaign of targeted search engine keywords with sponsored advertisements.

Google users will recognise these SEM sponsored ads as the initial shaded listings displayed at the top of search results and sometimes down the right hand side of the page. By allowing us to manage your Google AdWords SEM campaign we can use the sponsored listings to provide leverage to the SEO listings and by increasing traffic and clicks through to your website we can provide overall ranking increase to the website SEO.

Confused yet? Basically by adopting a Google AdWords campaign it will provide immediate search engine results and in doing this we will increase the traffic through to your website. This increased traffic to your website will make the organic website listing improve.

If you would like to discuss the benefits that a Google SEM campaign with Allcorp can bring to your business including real time tracking and results driven pay structures contact your Allcorp representative today.

Looking ahead to a prosperous 2015

We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and a big welcome back to what is set to be a great 2015. Already there has been positive news for our regions with economy predictions reassuringly optimistic from key research and analysis groups. Our regions are significant growth areas and we are all looking forward to developments that will occur in the next 12 months that will help maintain our way of life.

As a business owner it is imperative that you take every opportunity to be at the forefront of your industry as this growth and higher demand for your services happens. Simply put, when the new opportunities that 2015 is sure to bring to whatever business you are in arrive you need to be ready to 'catch' it and process it efficiently.

There are more and more people from the southern states realising what a great part of the world we live in and realising that by relocating here they can enjoy the improved lifestyle that we all enjoy. This coupled with the statistically transient nature of the population coming and going each year we are often refreshed by not only a growing population but a changing one.

When someone is making their plans to relocate to our cities what do you think they are using to research businesses they will legitimately need the services of before, during and after they arrive? Your businesses web presence is vitally important to enabling you the best chance to 'catch' these customers and clients as it is literally the first impression they receive. We all know how important first impressions are and having a new website developed for your business by us is sure to deliver the image your operation truly deserves.

Another element that must be looked after is the ability for your website to be found easily. Our new residents who are planning on moving here will be using Google to find your business and at Allcorp we are one of the few local website development companies who can guarantee your Google ranking before we commence the project.

Whether for a new business or sprucing up your existing web presence, talk to us about helping you get the cutting edge image you need that will make these first impressions turn into increased business for you. Now in our 15th year of providing our important services to the region we are better equipped than any other to partner with you and make 2015 a prosperous year.

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What our clients say about us
"We've been in business for close to 30 years and the best thing we could have done is have Allcorp refresh our brand and create our new website."

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Ash and Michelle Moseley
Ash Moseley Homes
"Allcorp are nothing but amazing! So responsive and seem to make magic happen on our ever changing website and google ads! I would recommend them to anyone in a heart beat."

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Megan Thomas
AG Height Safety Queensland
"Allcorp have amazing customer service. They treat you like family and are always on top of making sure everything is running right to suit your business needs."

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Mark Leitner
Pickers Vinyl & Canvas
"We couldn't recommend Allcorp enough. They go above and beyond to help with all enquiries, they have impeccable customer service and always do it with a smile. Great company to do business with."

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Shannon Craven-Sands
Coral Coast Airconditioning
"I really appreciate all of the excellent work and extreme efforts from Allcorp. I can tell the difference already as work has picked up another notch again. We're very busy! "

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Jeremy Spence
Neptune Refrigeration
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A selection of website designs by Allcorp from last month

All of these projects have been managed from start to finish by our local team. At Allcorp we are the local choice for professional website design.

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