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As 2018 draws to a close, we wanted to say thank you to all of our clients for their support, and we're going on a holiday.

2018 has been one of the busiest years on record for all of us here at Allcorp. All of the team have given it 110% to produce some of the best online marketing for our clients, while still maintaining the high quality that Allcorp have become synonymous for.

All in all we launched more than 85 brand new websites for local North Queensland businesses. Some of these were existing clientele getting site redesigns and many more were brand new Allcorp clients who made the wise decision to make the move from the old analogue advertising they were doing into a more focused and modern style.

We have heard such great feedback from our clients and many of them are now utilising Allcorp as their only source of marketing. After our advice has been given and we explain how their investments in the phone books and other dated advertising mediums, the clients are really amazed that they can benefit from an increased amount of business and leads from a much more efficient and modern approach to their marketing. We've even been able to help over 100 local North Queensland businesses get free of those horrible contracts they were previously imprisoned to with Local Search & Yellow Pages.

In 2019 we have employed more people. This means we can expect an increased production of our top tier products while still being able to provide exceptional service to our rapidly growing customer base.

Coming into our 19th year in our industry, and as the largest locally owned business of our type in the region as well as the business who has been doing this much longer than anyone else, means we can continue to grow with local business in North Queensland and continue to set the bar higher with the standards of service we provide.

We'd like to thank everyone for their continued support. As long as Allcorp maintains market dominance in Cairns & Townsville every local business can benefit from a proper customer focused and truly local experience. It also means our clients will not have to deal with national companies with off shore call centres. With Allcorp, you deal face to face with a locally owned family business, and we intend to keep it this way as it is what sets us apart from all of the rest.

Our studio will be closed from December 13th, 2018 until January 2nd, 2019 while all of our management staff enjoy a well earned break. For emergencies, we are all available on email during this time and we are keeping a support staff on site to ensure emergency work can be carried out promptly.

Before we get to the latest websites to go online in Cairns & Townsville, here's a short word from the local team you have been dealing with over the past 12 months

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"It's great to be able to help local business"

I've been with Allcorp since it first began almost 19 years ago. In this time we have grown to be able to offer local business in North Queensland with all of the latest marketing trends to help generate them more business.

2018 was no different. It seems to get busier and busier each year and this year was no exception. So many industry leading website projects have gone online this year and I have been involved in every one of them personally.

It's also great that we are developing a solid team of consultants who are crucial to providing local businesses with much needed education into how the digital marketing world works and how they can all benefit from it.

It has been our mission to really drive home to our clients the changes that have happened in the last few years and how business owners can make their marketing spend much more efficient.

Through this campaign we have really helped hundreds of businesses cut spending completely in the old media outlets such as the phone book guys and, through expert guidance, we have been able to improve their business with more leads and enquiries while also saving them substantial amounts of money.

Over this year we have managed to get all but a few of our thousand plus clients out of the phone book grind and into much better, locally focused and completely NQ developed marketing strategies. And it has been great to see the entire North Queensland region really embrace what we have been explaining and make the move into better marketing with Allcorp.

I am looking forward to an even bigger and better 2019, now approaching our twentieth year, and with new members of the Allcorp team hitting the ground running, we'll be able to help many more local businesses receive the benefits they deserve.

Thanks to all of our clients for staying loyal to our strategies over this year. I am about to go on a well deserved break, driving on the Autobahn's to get away from this weather, for 3 weeks. See you all in January!

Bril Mayer
Managing Director

bril mayer website designer
"Hello to all (cyber space) travelers"

We’d love to congratulate all our digital marketing and Google marketing clients who have successfully completed another year’s worth of advertising campaigns. Our clients have fully embraced all the resources available and have experienced all the benefits when they have allowed Allcorp to create the fully functional and successful platforms absolutely necessary to succeed in this digital world.

At Allcorp, we know their Xmas will be great.

It is with regret that some of our clients have not, at this stage, moved into the 21st Century “new technology” platforms, mainly because they have been influenced by commission only sales people from other industries who don’t keep our Cairns, Townsville and South East corner clients’ best interests at heart…remember, these reps have to buy Xmas presents as well.

At least we know that these Allcorp clients have deferred their digital advertising decisions till next year. This affords them the opportunity to carefully consider all options because… these Allcorp clients fully appreciate that making a wrong decision about who will handle their digital advertising can haunt them for many years. A bad decision will make for a very un-happy 2019.

For your business, 2019 is going to yield bigger and better results. The team at Allcorp (Queensland’s preferred) will continue to help make 2019 a very profitable year for all Queensland clients.

I'm off to see some of the amazing wildlife on offer in our world and look forward to seeing everyone again in 2019.

Peter Mayer
Managing Director

peter mayer website design management
"A big thanks to everyone again for warmly welcoming me into their business"

Like every year, this time rolls around way too quickly and here we are again, listening to Christmas carols in the shopping centre, especially last week during the heat wave where we looked at shopping centres as temples with airconditioning. I hope everyone has a Happy Christmas this year and a safe and prosperous New Year!

Looking back on this year, it was great to see majority of you implement Google campaigns and boosting budgets to boost more traffic on your website with an end result to boost more business. I noticed everyone making the move from those very expensive contracts we were all so used to paying with the phone book companies and redivert some of that spend into modern marketing, achieving real results, with the local team here at Allcorp. We have lots of exciting things happening in 2019 and the reason why Allcorp have been at the forefront of digital marketing for 19 years in Far North Queensland, as we continue to strive digital marketing innovation and proactiveness.

Whilst Allcorp continue to develop new and exciting website designs, it’s all areas of the website that make a great first impression of your business, whether it’s uniquely written copy writing that deliver your selling messages 24/7, a Google campaign to invite traffic to look at your website and a commercial photoshoot, that showcases the real depth of your services – these are all the fundamentals that come together that deliver a great website – and we provide all of that!

This year, we had some VERY exciting photoshoots take place and we have prepared a special gallery for you to look through later this week, as we update the Allcorp website which is need of a refresh, as I’m sure you’ve heard us say that to yourselves this year as well, so we’re leading by example.

A big thanks to everyone again for warmly welcoming me into their business’ this year and continued trust you put into Allcorp to make your phones ring! Also, a special thanks to my own team this year, for putting up with me, as I now enter my third year at Allcorp. Looking forward to continue our working relationships well into the future with everyone.

Leto our office watchdog and lunch thief looks forward to stealing more of my lunches in 2019!

Tiffany Marcantelli
Account Director

tiffany marcantelli and leto website design sales
"Next year there will be more to learn about and stay aware of..."

Thanks for doing the BIZ with us over the past year, as you know I’m more of a behind the scenes team member at Allcorp, ensuring all your invoices go out on time and your domains are always kept up to date! It’s been an exciting year and lots of high’s and lows’ like everything in life and business.

I’m sure you’re all aware of the many scams we’ve identified this year, especially the one with the Domain Name Renewal Services, some domains that you’ve never owned before. Thank goodness for Allcorp being here to assist with advising you on things like this, because if a domain name renewal arrives at your business, if it doesn’t have Allcorp as the provider on this invoice, than you should know by now this can be spam or a scam. If you ever have queries with regards to paying your invoices for anything related to your digital marketing and it doesn’t come from us, you should feel safe to either give us a call to confirm, or file it in the bin, we’re here to help and educate!

I’m sure next year we’ll find many more of these scams, which is why Allcorp continue to stay ahead of these to inform you, either through your Account Directors or whenever you phone us and speak with the local team here in Cairns or Townsville, plus in our newsletters, we try to be as informative as possible.

Next year there will be more to learn about and stay aware of, so don’t hesitate to speak with your Account Directors or give us a call on a local number, where you’re guaranteed to speak with the team. We will also have an exciting announcement in 2019 – make sure you keep up to date with Allcorp news!

To all our very, very, very valued clients, here’s to a great break… be it small or lengthy.. enjoy to the MAX and have a happy festive season!

Sherene Mayer
Accounts & Administration

sherene website administrator
"We can do it - just ask!"

Crikey – another year has flown by at almost the same speed as the Allcorp servers which have had a much easier time this year thanks to last year’s upgrades – thank goodness Allcorp continue to be proactive in this field, rather than reactive!

This year definitely takes the cake and I know many of you don’t get to hear from me directly, mostly because I’m a night owl, working on the websites when the team aren’t working on them during the day! This year, I’ve been very proud to work on some very exciting engines. The main term of these engines is varied, as I’m sure the team have informed you on, whether it’s a shopping cart with PayPal mixed into the piece, just like - this was a very exciting project and even more exciting seeing many seafood orders commence as soon as it went online, especially during the lead up to Christmas – got to love having prawns on Christmas day!

A little bit more complex was with a very different buy online feature which included an installation price along with the product price, thanks to your mates at Top To Bottom Plumbing looking out for you. Such a great idea too was the embedded payment feature of Stripe, meaning the online buyer doesn’t need to exit the website to pay for their items, another way to bring peace of mind to your online buyers!

Another beauty was – a custom made booking calendar, a Wish List, Shop Online and Magic Buy section, with a new upgrade to promote the internal promotions in-store at Status Plus so you can do all your selecting from the comfort of your own home, so when you make your appointment with the local team at Status Plus they know exactly what you’re there to speak about and who to see – another reason why to view the 19 reasons why at Status Plus.

And just today, we put online a brand new Car Sales inventory for our friends at so people looking at cars online can contact a local business in Hervey Bay, a much needed upgrade for a 10 year old website – this I’m sure is a king website in a place like Hervey Bay and we hope our mates there get some great traction on this engine over the Chrissy period and well into the years ahead!

As you can see, they’re all very different but provide the overall outcome for our Allcorp clients, whatever your needs may be and how we work in your custom made engine with your own internal system, we can do it – just ask!

So you now see the constant development of IT and web technologies continue to push the envelope and so while the front office staff wind down for a well-earned break we will run diagnostics on all systems to ensure we hit the ground running in 2019.

Have a great Christmas y’all

Steve Irwin
Web Developer

steve irwin web developer
Here are a few of our latest website design projects
A selection of website designs by Allcorp from last month

All of these projects have been managed from start to finish by our local team. At Allcorp we are the local choice for professional website design.

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Would you like your website to look as good as these?

At Allcorp we can help with a vibrant custom designed website that has been specifically created to suit your business image and appeal to your target audience

Let’s get together to discuss it

A fully qualified Allcorp representative can visit with you at your place of business to discuss your options. Find all of our contact information here.

Professional website photography services
Every website benefits from quality photos
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Any advertisement is only as good as its content. If the photos and images of your website are not up to the task then the overall idea will suffer. To Allcorp professional photography is vitally important to the appeal and quality of a job.

We are your certified Google Partners
The only local Google partner
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We are the only business in the Cairns and Townsville regions who are recognised Google Partners and employ certified Google AdWords professionals. With access to resources only available to Google Partners we are the best choice for your online marketing needs.

Your website needs to be mobile friendly
One website fits all Devices
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It is essential that your website displays correctly on all mobile devices. Google announced in early 2015 that more searches were made on mobile devices than on PC’s. Soon after Google also made the decision to limit the search engine exposure of non-mobile friendly websites in mobile searches.

Contact Allcorp about your new website
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