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Wishing everyone the best for the holiday season, and thank you for all your support in 2019

Allcorp holiday trading hours are detailed below this message

We'd like to extend a massive thank you to all of our clients who have supported Allcorp in 2019. Throughout this year we have successfully launched more than 150 new website designs to the North Queensland region.

As the largest website design business in the region, we have been instrumental in delivering new technologies and concepts to the online marketing realm and our team has worked hard to ensure all of our projects remain cutting edge, modern and of the most advanced state in architecture.

As your local Google Partners, and the original Google Partners in Cairns & Townsville, we have also maintained an impressive and growing portfolio of Google Ads campaigns. With a total Google spend of almost $1 million dollars per year we have assisted many local businesses gain an advantage through more modern advertising methods.

We're really impressed with the retention rate of our Google Ads customers with some early adopters investing in the Google Ads arena since we became Google Partners more than 5 years ago. It's also good news that our clients are enjoying the benefits associated with Google Ads marketing, especially when considering the fact that none of our Google Ads campaigns are contractually binding. Our clientele see benefit in this form of marketing and if anything, most opt towards increasing budgets to get more clicks because the return on investment from this marketing strategy can be clearly seen.

In 2019 Allcorp also became the Gold Sponsor for the HIA Awards to show support to our building industry clients. Through this involvement we have been privileged to have worked with some of the leading businesses in this industry and assist them to gain a better and more modern marketing footprint. We're maintaining our sponsorship of these important industry awards for 2020 and beyond, so are looking forward to assisting more clients in this industry to gain a marketing advantage in the future.

So a big thank you to everyone who has worked with us during 2019, our 19th year in business, and we're looking forward to a prosperous 20th year in 2020. We might have to do something special to celebrate the 20th year milestone. Here's looking forward to a safe and enjoyable holiday season and a happy new year to everyone.

We'll hit the ground running in 2020.

Allcorp holiday trading hours

Allcorp will be closed from December 20th until January 6th. We will be contactable via email during this time and mobile phone numbers are displayed on our website in case of emergency.

All of a sudden, lots of building companies in Cairns want us to do their websites!

After the HIA Awards last month we were run off our feet with many building companies and associated businesses wanting to make the switch to a more modern approach to marketing with Allcorp & Google. It was really great to see that this industry is supporting us, now we just have to get through all of the work.

The building industry is the real trickle-down economy in our region from which there are many local businesses who benefit. After all, the investment made into homes is the largest investment usually ever made.

So this month we have been extremely busy getting all of our new clients ready for their website production and a few were even already completed in the last month. Watch this space for some amazing website projects to be launched online over the following few weeks.

Until then, here's a little bit of what we've been up to this last month.

website design news

The Allcorp photographer, Peter, trying to make sure the Boscon Constructions' team doesn't blink for the group shot.

website design news

Tiffany is already meeting with Andrew Thomas, Managing Director of Dixon Homes, for the next project.

website design news

The Marble & Granite Fitters Cairns photo shoot.

website design news

Tiffany directing the photoshoot for Boscon Constructions with owners Storm & Kyne.

website design news

Bril's putting the final touches on the Boscon Constructions project.

website design news

As part of a strict workplace Health & Safety rule, Peter was coached on the importance of wearing a protection safety mask in their factory.

2019 HIA North Queensland Cairns Housing, Kitchen & Bathroom Awards - Partnered By Allcorp

Allcorp were very proud to have attended the HIA Awards Presentation night, held in Cairns on Friday September 27th, as a Gold Partner. We all had a great night and were able to hand out many awards to professionals in the North Queensland building industry who have shown excellence in their field.

Allcorp have always been supportive of the North Queensland building industry and work with the majority of the building and building affiliated businesses in the region. With such a diverse cross section of long term clients in this area we were very pleased to see many of them taking home awards in their various segments.

As the most experienced Website designer and Google Partner in our region it was also good to network with more potential clients and we have some great new launches coming up soon for these new businesses.

The HIA Awards is a great showcase of talent in the local building industry and Allcorp have already committed to providing the same level of sponsorship and involvement for the 2020 HIA Awards.

Whether you are a high volume building company, a smaller boutique operation or any other building related business in the region, having a professionally designed website presence and Google Ads campaign managed by Allcorp is your ticket to getting the absolute best out of digital marketing.

A massive thank you to the team at HIA for allowing us to become involved and also to all of the awards participants who have welcomed us into their club. We're looking forward to working with you all over the coming months and continuing to provide class leading digital marketing services to North Queensland.

website design news

Allcorp was thoroughly impressed with the 2019 HIA Awards in Cairns and will be back next year to show our support for the local building industry

website design news

Bril & Tiffany present the award to Sereida from CCW Cabinet Works for the award win of Renovated Kitchen up to $25,000

website design news

Bril presenting the award for the winner of Display Home up to $300,000 to Mick from Mick Langtree Builders

website design news

Tiffany presenting the award to the winner for Outdoor Project to MyStyle Homes, Heather and Mark from Placid Pools

The awards season is upon us and new buying motivation will enter the market

There's nothing like well promoted industry awards to motivate buying interest in a region. With the Master Builders Awards already done and the upcoming HIA Awards kicking off soon, sponsored by Allcorp, along with other industry specific awards nights, be it tourism, auto industry, event planning and many others, they all seem to congregate towards the latter half of each year and when they are managed and marketed professionally, they really do increase interest among consumers.

We see this through our own access to NQ regional data from Google. When we see spikes in search terms relating to recent or upcoming industries we can always plot why the spikes are being generated and they always do coincide with the awareness of marketing for award events in their industry.

As a Google Partner dealing with a greater cross section of different industries than any other local Google provider, we see real time search data on what actual consumers in North Queensland are searching for.

website design news

With all the interest being generated by the awards season buzz, it's very important that your online presence is as up to date as possible and also represents your business in a marketing focused way so that you can harvest as many new leads and enquiries as possible.

When there is an inundation of new work being generated from the interest that industry awards promote it is the best time to capitalise on this new interest. The cream always rises to the top and if your online presence isn't doing the job of marketing your business perfectly, consumers will just go to the next business in line.

Talk to us about how we can streamline your website presence and Google Marketing with our industry leading Google Ads and website design services to give you the best chance of booking new clients when the flood gates are opened.

Allcorp is the most experienced Google Partner and website design studio in North Queensland and we're also local. We can help you get in prime position to reap the rewards that the awards will start filtering through. Have a no obligation free consultation with one of our digital marketing experts today!

Shooting our video reel for the upcoming HIA Awards

The first month of the financial year is always busy at Allcorp and this last month has been no different. We have successfully put 8 brand new, locally produced websites online as well as setup 15 new Google Ads campaigns.

Amongst all of the usual production work we have also been shooting our video reel for our sponsorship of the upcoming HIA Awards. In order to get the best possible video produced we enlisted the assistance of the leading videographer in Cairns, Phil at Phlip Vids.

Because our video is all about promoting the building industry in the region we also enlisted the assistance of Ash & Michelle from Ash Moseley Homes and Brendan & Tracey from Brendan Grant Homes - Both previous winners of the awards and both valued Allcorp clients.

Now that our video assets have been professionally captured, Phil can now commence the production of the video which has some unique and creative concepts being interwoven through it to make it stand out from the crowd and successfully portray our class leading website design and Google Ads marketing services.

As the most experienced Google Partner in the North Queensland region and also the longest established website design studio in the region means there is a lot to say in our promotional video reel. All we can say at this stage is that we're very happy with the prompt and efficient service provided by Phlip Vids and can't wait to see the finished product in the coming weeks.

website design news website design news

Getting an SEO advantage with directory websites

There are many directory websites in our marketplace that are sometimes a great way to get some better search engine optimisation for your website. One of the tools available to help improve a website’s organic search engine rankings is called backlinks and they make up a small percentage of the complete SEO process.

Backlinks are basically links back to your website from a third party website and these websites are usually in the form of directory websites. The great news is that most of these directory websites are totally free so it is an easy way to get the backlinks in place to achieve the small benefit by which they are associated.

How to choose the right sites to backlink from?

The main consideration is cost. Unless a directory website is very powerful, adding a backlink back to your website should be completely free. If you are talking to an SEO company who is advising you that a particular directory website will be good for your site’s rankings you can check the validity of this claim by using the free Alexa website ranking checker.

Alexa lets you enter in any website address and lookup where that particular site ranks in the entire world. Obviously the big websites such as Google, YouTube & Facebook take out the top 3 in the world, and these are free to list your business on, so these make sense to have backlinks on as they are proven giants in the world of websites and backlinking to your site from them will provide a benefit.

website design news

What about the little guys?

There are some smaller directory websites that are totally free to use which can also help. Trust Pilot is a global business directory which allows businesses to setup a free profile and achieve excellent backlink scoring thanks to their impressive ranking of 642. True Local is an Australian website which allows businesses to put a business profile on for no cost and it ranks in at 58,531, but it is completely free so can't hurt. There are also many industry specific directory websites such as Houzz who specialise in the building and construction industry in Australia and ranks in at 95,320. Once again, it is totally free to list your business with a backlink to your website here.

What about the even smaller guys?

In Australia we have a few phone book businesses which you can list your business on and also add a backlink to your website, but in a similar search on Alexa, Local Search has a website ranking of 140,228, which is very low for a directory website and would not provide the same backlinking benefit as you would receive from the examples mentioned above. Yellow Pages is another directory website and it has an Alexa score of 26,641, which is not too bad for an Australian website.

The problem with these less significant directory websites is that they can cost money so be careful about investing in them for this purpose. Having a free backlink on Google, Facebook & YouTube has hugely more legitimate backlinking benefit than a low authority phone book website.

When all is said and done, backlinking is only a tiny part of the complete website SEO strategy and isn't going to provide much benefit in the overall scheme of things unless the website you are backlinking from is ranked as high authority. Just remember that listings in directory websites are really valueless because there are so many high ranking free directory websites, so paying to be in one doesn't make any financial sense.

If you are considering getting your website listed in a directory and want some advice on their merits give us a call and we can have a look into it for you. You can also look up any directory website at and see the numbers for yourself. Spending money on a backlink in a directory website with an Alexa score of 140,228 is about as useful and relevant as placing an ad in a phone book. Not to mention that even if it's free to list on a smaller level, the benefit just isn't there when the directory website has such an insignificant Alexa rank.

How Allcorp synchronise with your business - Tiffany has had a busy month

It’s been an exciting past month, with a few photoshoots being carried out for new and existing clients, part of the full service that coincides with a website. Last month I had the opportunity to work with a new client, Ash and Michelle Moseley of Ash Moseley Homes. I’m sure many of you know Ash and Michelle personally or are fully aware of their style of custom home builds in our region. They are beautiful homes and now they are new clients of the Allcorp family where we get to take care of them with their digital marketing for the future and never let their online presence fall behind as technology continues to excel.

website design news website design news

As we continue to fast approach HIA and Master Builders award ceremonies, it makes sense for Cairns’ most awarded builder to have a fresh new website, that is compatible on all devices, especially mobile phones. That’s right, before this business met with the team at Allcorp their website wasn’t even mobile friendly, a must for a business with awareness and success in their prime marketing areas. Now, they look sharp online with a brand new online presence, new photography and copy writing to head into the award ceremony season and hopefully take home a new award, that we can soon add to their new website, which is all part of the service they’ll enjoy when being with Allcorp.

Ash Moseley Homes is now appropriately geared up for all that new traffic they’re going to be getting after a few award entrants later this year and by having a new website of this calibre ‘says’ they’re open for business and available to work with their next client on their dream home.

website design news website design news

Award winning websites for award winning businesses

Another project we’ve been working on behind the scenes is Willmot Smash Repair Specialists. Helena and Wes have been long term clients of Allcorp for many years. Helena and Wes understand the importance of keeping their presence fresh, which includes their brand new building, awarded the “Best New Shop National Award Winner by Body Shop Awards Paint & Panel 2018”. An amazing achievement for another local business that trusts Allcorp with all their digital marketing.

Now that the team at Willmot have fully settled into their new workshop with new signage installed we were able to start the photoshoot, having Peter and myself onsite to capture the best images of all the services offered that will relate to the pages we design for their website. This will showcase the new equipment available at Willmot, so if you get a ding or find yourself in a vehicle accident, this just provides future clients of Willmot Smash Repairs the many benefits available by having your vehicle repaired at this location, plus many more advantages such as the paint shop. As Willmot also continue to grow their business, they also continue to promote long-term team members and are always on the lookout for professional, hardworking employees, so their website will be sure to capture this market as well.

This is the best thing you can enjoy with having a website that is managed by the local team at Allcorp. We provide the full service of copy writing, photography, SEO and Google Ads, plus more complex forms and e-commerce websites. We ensure we synchronise with your business first to ensure we capture the demand in your industry, which helps you streamline your demand to make it easier to manage internally. That’s what we do, we work with you to achieve great results for your business… once that phone is ringing, it’s all up to you!

If you want to work with a local business that works with you to ensure your digital marketing is always kept up to date, is compatible to all devices and portrays the correct messages, you should speak with our team today to maximise your exposure in your prime marketing areas. We’re here to help and we’re here to stay!!

Don't get lost in the maze of website and domain providers

The world of businesses that take care of ancillary services relating to your website such as domain registrations and hosting providers is constantly changing. These providers, such as names with whom you may be familiar include Melbourne IT, TPP Wholesale, Net Registry, Crazy Domains, Web Address Registration, Planet Domain and many more, are all giants in the online realm.

These businesses handle many things from domain name registrations to website and email hosting and even website design to a limited extent.

Allcorp have accounts on a wholesale level with all of these providers and use their services to manage the ongoing renewals and registrations to ensure our clients stay online.

The problem that has been occurring over the last 12 months is that each of these big companies is either being absorbed by another bigger company or in the process of being sold to an international provider. Case in point is that Net Registry, Melbourne IT and TPP Wholesale are all owned by the same conglomerate.

With all these changes occurring it is becoming increasingly more difficult to keep track of where everything is registered. Just as soon as we get settled with one provider, they seem to be almost instantly purchased by another company with very cryptic support call centres in other countries.

website design news

Allcorp is navigating this constantly changing landscape to best serve our clients

At Allcorp we are keeping on top of all of these seemingly continuous changes to this part of the industry and we’re making sure everyone stays online and registered. Whether we're talking to the new call centre in Mumbai or dealing direct with the new call centre in The Philippines, it is challenging, but we're maintaining.

Where problems can occur is if the local business you are dealing with to manage your domain name registration or website hosting goes out of business - where are you left then?

Justthis year we have seen the closing of some of the local businesses who make websites and manage their clients’ domain names and hosting with these same big companies. Businesses in Cairns such as Brandtree Creative and Paykel Media, both only relatively new on the scene but still managing the websites, domainnames and emails for many local business clients, have, sadly, closed their doors in 2019.

When this happens, and we've seen it happen a lot, clients are sometimes left stranded and have to try and navigate the realm of the Melbourne IT's, the TPP Wholesale's and whatever other company from the East has gobbled up the company initially managing the products. This often leaves clients completely lost and they give up after being endlessly transferred to another country.

Allcorp have been managing all of these services associated with your website for our clients since 2000. We know how to navigate this landscape and keep everything in place to ensure you don't go offline. After 19 years of seeing start up businesses such as Brandtree Creative and Paykel Media Cairns come and go after just a few short years, we have heard the stories when trying to assist a client regain control of their domain names and hosting.

We know the frustrations this can cause which is why we urge any business who is entrusting another company to manage and maintain these vital systems does their own due diligence to ascertain that the business you are using has a proven track record and isn't going to just disappear one day and leave you booking flights to Madagascar to try and track down the company with whom you need to speak to get your domain re-registered.

What is wrong or right when it comes to digital marketing?

Due to Allcorp’s 19 years of history, we’ve seen and heard it all before and now in my history of three years here, I can say I have too.

I personally hear from my clients that operate across different industries in the market place about being contacted by other advertising agencies (generally based down south and out of our operating areas) that whenever a website goes online instantly and over time another media agency will make contact and initialise concern within the business that their website is completely wrong. We hear things like; “Your ads aren’t showing up in Google, and they should be there all day”;“There is no SEO done to the website and therefore it should be re-done”, “…we consider your Google reviews too low and want to make an appointment” and our favourite excuse is “It’s all wrong, it’s just wrong”. This feedback is generally due to sour grapes.

Firstly, there is no wrong or right way on how your information is displayed on your website; not every website needs SEO (we’ve had this discussion before from our March Newsletter). Each and every website is different, because each industry is different, even some of the same industries may operate differently than another. To have a competition media agency business contact you and cause this fear regarding your beautiful website, designed especially for the nature and niche of your business, does not mean it’s wrong. Even though companies still do this, it shouldn’t be allowed. Same with your reviews, since when was there a rule book that having 14 reviews was considered too low? It’s not on and here’s why!

I know at the end of the day, we’re all looking for business and we’re all hungry for keeping busy. But to have someone lie to you, until they get what they want from you isn’t a way of delivering good business either. Thus, do not be financially compromised by paying more or re-investing what you’ve just spent because you have taken someone’s word for it.

Now is a time we all need to be educated on what to say the next time someone contacts you about your website being considered “wrong” or your reviews being “too low” and do some research yourself. Google is a very powerful tool. There are many forums out there with pages and pages of information and you shouldn’t be surprised that one directory website will contradict what the others are saying; that’s because there is no rule book to this ever evolving digital industry.

If someone is outside of your operating area of service, then they aren’t local, which makes sense why your ads probably don’t appear in their searches because if they’re in Brisbane they’ll only get the local businesses dominate the first page of Google, because of the location at which their IP address is positioned.

website design news

If they are in your area and are not seeing your ads, then check the time of day they are calling to reveal this; as depending on your spend in your Google marketing it’s not uncommon for your ads to not be displayed all day, due to the budget they’re set at. If you wanted your ads to appear longer, then it comes down to how much you can spend and if you’re happy with your current workload and your monthly budget, why change it? All these callers are asking from you, is for you to spend more and spend it with someone else. Be mindful though, every Google campaign has a set-up fee and management fees you have to pay all over again.

Generally by retorting back to them with an answer quickly will either make them hang up, or pause for a long period of time, until they get to the next phase of their flip book for a rebuttal to your question.
As long as your website has a phone number listed on it, with some obvious CTA’s, there is no rule book on where it should be or a limit to the number of pages it should be on.

Don’t forget, you have Allcorp here to watch your back when it comes to this and you can always pass these callers onto us, by saying, “…sure I got time for this as soon as my account director reviews what your saying, you can reach them at or“ depending on who manages your account.

And the next time someone from “Google” calls you, it is irrelevant what they say to you past this point, because Google, this $136.8 BILLION dollar company, will not make unsolicited sales calls from an automated system, which is why they accredit Business Partnerships to agencies like Allcorp to on sell their products, as in being a Partner or Premier Partner. Allcorp is a Google Partner.

Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous individuals and companies who make fraudulent and misleading calls. Sometimes, callers or pre-recorded robocalls, falsely claim to be working “with Google” or “for Google” in an attempt to sell different schemes and online marketing services to unsuspecting individuals and companies.

Many of these types of calls are not allowed under U.S. law (unless you have given permission to receive them) and Google is never behind them.

Google’s advice to protect yourself from Fraudulent Calls -

There is a support page on the website above, with an article about protecting yourself against these fraudulent phone calls and we recommend you review this information to educate yourself for the next time this ever happens to you.

If anyone ever wants to and has the time to report these callers, you can report them here:

Grow with Google seminar

Earlier in April the Allcorp team were representing our region as the local Google Partner at the Grow With Google Cairns seminar. Being organised by our Google Australia friends and taking place at the Cairns Convention Centre, we were able to meet with a lot of business owners who were learning all about Google's new products and services and have since been able to take on many more Google Marketing clientele.

It's really great that Google organise such events and, as the local Google Partners, we'll be sure to keep everyone updated on future events as Google continue to lead the way in digital marketing. We can also help anyone who has questions about Google marketing or if you attended the event and weren't able to get a face to face meeting with one of our Google experts yet, let us know and we'll set an appointment up straight away.

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HIA Awards Gold Sponsorship

Allcorp are the official Gold Sponsors for the upcoming HIA Awards. As the most prestigious building awards in North Queensland, and considering Allcorp work with most of the local Cairns & Townsville businesses in the building industry already, we have aligned ourselves as the major sponsor for their awards.

The HIA Awards are all about local building businesses who excel in their fields. Whether it be for entire homes, kitchen and bathrooms, renovations, additions and everything else in between, Allcorp have been looking after the online marketing needs of this industry for over 19 years.

It's great that we can be a part of these awards and show our support for our clients as well as encourage new businesses in this vital industry to learn more about how to effectively market their business online.

Continued Partnership with Google

It's amazing that Allcorp have now been Google Partners for almost 5 years. In our time working as Google Partners we have built up an amazing list of local NQ businesses that we provide exceptional Google marketing services for. Such is the success of having a professional website presence coupled with class leading Google Ads marketing, that we have the highest retention rate out of any other agency, with many early adoption clients now approaching their 5th year running.

Being a Google Partner is not as easy as just completing an application form. There are strict policies, procedures and tests that an agency must adhere to for the Google Partner status to be made available. Tests and exams also need to be periodically passed and we took our regular exams in April with a 99% pass rate.

Being a local business providing these services to Townsville & Cairns, and doing it much longer than the big national companies that have only recently started realising the power of Google marketing, means that by dealing with an Allcorp Google expert you will get real results, just as our client retention demonstrates. Best of all, there are no lock-in contracts with Google Ads services offered by Allcorp meaning we let the results speak for themselves.

Now that we're celebrating coming up to 5 years as the original and most experienced Google Partner in the region we thought we'd share what Google themselves have to say about us and our commitment to bringing Google marketing to the forefront of every local business in NQ with their latest endorsement - Read it here.

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Is there any point to Google & Facebook reviews?

Is there any point to Google & Facebook reviews?

When searching for a local business there are usually reviews associated with the business. These reviews are supposedly written by people who have dealt with the business and want to give an opinion on their experiences.

In theory this sounds great. A marketplace with honest reviews on how well a business treats its customers should be a great way to evaluate their legitimacy. But who do you think writes these reviews? And for another person’s review to have any merit to you, shouldn't you at least know that person?

For example, someone searching for a restaurant might stumble upon a business that has reviews, some good, some bad. The bad reviews point out that the food was terrible and give it a 1 star rating. But what if this was a seafood restaurant and the person who wrote the bad review didn't like seafood? Having some knowledge of the reviewer would be essential to making such a review credible for you.

How do you know if the reviews are even real?

We have seen many examples of fake reviews being posted and because there isn't really any monitoring of the reviews by the supplier, these are often plentiful.

For example, we know of one business who sells online advertising from their head office in Queensland, who blatantly and shamelessly writes positive reviews on themselves. And this is no small company. They employ over 100 staff and have been in business for many years yet their Google & Facebook reviews are mostly written by their rogue employees. Even when we brought this to the attention of their management they still keep them published.

So when there are businesses out there who blatantly lie to their customers and potential customers with fake reviews written under pseudonyms of their sales staff, can you really trust the review system?

Another common occurrence with fake reviews, though less sinister, is that quite often a business will get their friends and family to help them by writing some reviews. So while these aren't exactly lies, they are not really authentic reviews against which a business can be evaluated.

Finally, you can buy reviews on eBay. A business who wants to be portrayed as legitimate can buy a set of 5 star reviews, Facebook likes and much more to make them seem decent. Once again, no policing from Google or Facebook about counteracting these.

So with all of these reasons as to why reviews are nonsense maybe take the next review you read about a business with a grain of salt.

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Tiffany | On the Road Again

Well, this month takes the cake as we embrace School Holidays and 3 Public Holiday Days!Make sure you have your website alterations in perhaps a little earlier if you need them actioned prior to the Easter Break.I have reminders set to those that need to have their Easter Hours removed after the public holidays, so let me know if you need me to add you to this list.

Well, as you can see, we’ve been very busy in the Tablelands last month and it’s so great meeting more businesses that have been operating in our region for decades.I love reaching out to new businesses as well as having them reach out to us. It means we must be doing something right for them to jump ship from their previous suppliers. Generally, it all comes down to ‘service’ doesn’t it?If you pay top dollar for a service that is supposed to provide you with assistance, no matter what industry, you’re going to be pretty miffed when someone doesn’t give you the service you’d expect.

That’s why at Allcorp, whenever you need service, you should always call the landline – (07) 4078 6522 (Cairns) or (07) 4792 2414 (Townsville).We are a local family business operating in NQ for 19 years. You deserve service and that’s exactly what you get when you contact us direct. Calling the office direct means you’re guaranteed to speak to someone on the team who can assist you straight away.

I’ve been hearing and seeing lots of great results with local businesses in my 3 years at Allcorp. I honestly love hearing success stories and seeing instant results once a Google campaign is started. Plus, it’s so affordable in this day and age to acquire a dynamic, engaging and effective website backed with Google marketing … and that’s all you honestly need.I’d go on and on about the waste with old media stuff, but you’ve heard me say it before. It’s waste!

Have all your soldiers at full strength for when you need them

As readers of this will know, having a natural disaster that focuses the region’s media reporting, if not the world’s, to encompass nothing except the negative news of the event can make it really difficult to continue regular trading expectations. Yes, these times are terrible and ghastly and evoke sober consideration to the people involved. Make no assumptions to the validity of their importance. But if business stops, the instant response to any local economy is that the money also, in the immediate sense, stops.

The savvy business owner already has plans in place for such occurrences. And in such events, being able to communicate the important selling messages of your business on the digital platform, quickly becomes a promotion worthy task for the best soldiers in your available arsenal. Let’s face it, as a Townsville business owner, what happened this last month was awful in every way, but we, as Tropical Queenslander residents, know that, dismally, such events are regular occurrences each year.

While your preoccupations in such times naturally reside with ensuring the safety of your nearest and dearest loved ones and all of their collective property as well, it is also the need of every business owner to ensure their staff, their staff’s family, their clients and a whole ever expanding extended family are also protected. Through the midst of all this, it is our responsibility to effectively steer ourselves through the impending effects of such an event in a profitable manner. This is additional to the urgent, initial responsibilities necessitated.

It's great that many of our clients still had the ability to handle their out of region, and unaffected clientele, a class leading website presence and marketing platform to, at least, still handle the out of town buyers’ needs. And what a life saver they have been. From some reports of stories ranging from builders still being able to finalise initial contracts with southern buyers, to the pool service companies, cleaning businesses and property maintenance businesses all being able to have an "open shop or office" to their valued and communication hungry clients who reside away from the impacted area. It’s business as usual in your online realm and you can use this asset to help you best continue doing the great job you have always been doing. It won’t make it easy, by any means, but it will make it less tough.

This is the drill: Is your online soldier ready for this mission or do they need a bit of a health check to ensure they are ready?

Every Allcorp client website was online during the entire Townsville February flood event. We’re local, we’ve been here for 19 years. We can help you ‘North-Queensland-Proof’ your online presence. Do it for now and also for when you will need your online brigade at their finest.

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Tiffany Explains: What is SEO?

The most recent question I’ve been hearing a lot of from many business owners, is “What is SEO?” and that’s a very good question.Does your business website need SEO? In short, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It’s how well you’ve optimised your website with words and both seen and unseen content, that make you rank well (at the top of page 1) in Google search engines.

SEO is all about what your website is screaming about. If you’re a local Pool Service or Pool Shop, then it would make sense for your website to rank well under keywords relating to ‘pool shop cairns’ or ‘pool service cairns’. If you’re in a highly competitive industry in Cairns, then it makes sense to have some level of SEO on your website.

But will your business benefit by investing in SEO? Are you competing with big companies like yours that have bigger marketing budgets, Australia wide? If you’re a local business and only targeting towards the locals, then why should you need to invest in SEO?

Chances are you’re probably speaking with companies that have been around for many years, those you know and trust, that are now selling SEO services. But is it confusing for you to understand what they mean? Chances are most people are pretty confused when it comes to SEO!

You may hear things likes, SEO is a CPC, you can measure your conversion and tracking, it links with the flux capacitor and anyone that doesn’t know it can refer to the ID 10 T issue, or NFI.

What the hell does that mean??? Exactly! Confusing isn’t it? Anyone that confuses you when selling this product, should be educating you about it. Not hiding the true meaning of what SEO means and what it can do for your business and if your business actually needs to invest in it.

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When you hear someone speaking in constant acronyms – are you impressed? Or do you think it's just smoke and mirrors?

Code Meanings:
SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
SEM – Search Engine Marketing
CPC – Cost Per Click
Conversion and tracking – only works if you have Google Analytics
Flux Capacitor – DeLorean Fuel
ID 10 T issue – Idiot (Which is generally the connection between the floor and the keyboard)
NFI – No effing idea

Don’t be fooled by someone who is using acronyms to try and sell you an SEO product!

I highly recommend you reach out and speak with the team at Allcorp as we’re always about educating our clients in this forever growing and constantly developing media environment.

Remember, Allcorp have been providing digital marketing services in our field for 19 years and we’re still going strong! Don't just take our word for it, have a look at our testimonials located here.

Or better yet, make your own mind up and reach out to some of our long standing clients, people you may already know, or businesses with whom you haven’t yet spoken. Call them directly to ask about the Allcorp service.

There are no smoke and mirrors with Allcorp.

We're kicking off 2019 with a bigger production team to help us keep up with demand

This is now our 19th year as the leading website design and development company operating in north Queensland. As we've continued to provide exceptional website quality, cutting edge technology and industry leading attention to customer service, we're making changes to add extra efficiency.

Our newest team member, Oliver Wilson-Holland, joins our production team to help reduce wait times clients have begun experiencing over the last year due to high demand on our services.

Nobody wants to wait in a queue for their project to be completed and at the end of 2018 we had begun advising clients that there would be a 4-6 week wait time on new website products. With Oliver commencing at the beginning of 2019, and joining our already reputable local team consisting of Sherene, Tiffany, Bril, Peter & Steve, we'll be able to halve the wait time for all new clients and effectively double our production.

Oliver will be working under the direction of Bril, who has already seen significant advanced development and skills to match the caliber of Allcorp projects and we're all very happy that we have expanded our operation to better serve our client needs.

Other than the addition of our newest team member, it's all set to be business as usual at Allcorp as we continue to lead the website design and Google marketing industry in Townsville & Cairns. We're looking forward to working closely with all of our clients in 2019 and are all very excited to get back to doing what we all do best, making the internet more beautiful!

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Happy New Year to all our valued clients and colleagues.

Another year has started and it’s in full-swing, the rain is here and the kids went back to school this week – yippee! Now we can get back into business.

Getting right into it, as I know the attention span of reading my news gets less the more I write, thanks to digital marketing and endless scrolling we generally do when it comes to social and news updates. So, in order not to bore you and still inform you with relatively newsworthy stories relating to our industry – some bullet points!

  • HIA Update: Allcorp will be a Gold Sponsor for 2019 HIA Awards! So, you’ll be seeing more of your local digital marketing team at upcoming events to do with HIA this year. Big thanks to Russ from HIA.
  • Supporting the locals: Allcorp are very excited to be entering more into the housing industry this year, supporting locals with their digital marketing and educating you on where your best audience is. Gone are the days of always trying to reach out to that ‘one little old lady on the Tablelands’ via a phone book – she is now an obsolete lead (sorry to say). You’re missing out on prime time leads if you aren’t doing a Google campaign.
  • Website: If you’re always busy and aren’t doing Google – great work! Remember, to keep your website fresh, new photos really do help – MP4 videos are a real hit as well. Is your website approaching 2.5 years? Let’s talk!
  • Facebook: Training by myself still exists for clients that are hosting their website with us or running any size budget Google campaign – all you have to do is make an appointment.
  • Scammers: There are more and more every year, obviously successful, otherwise they’d bugger off by now! Be careful and extremely vigilant when the ATO calls you and says you have to pay a bill using a department store Gift Voucher. That just doesn’t happen.
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  • SEO and SEM phone calls: I’ve heard it all around Cairns and during my occasional trips to Townsville. These international people call all the time, they even call our office asking if we need help fixing our own website????? “Do you know who you’ve called?” we say. Obviously, these people run through a call list with not really doing any research on your business’ background.You can hear the pauses when they have to flip to their next page of script! It’s unfortunate this industry exists as it ruins it for those that genuinely care about your digital marketing – like we do!
  • I recall the time I phoned Michael at with this being my first point of contact, purely through my intense research on his business and my discovery that his online presence needed our help. Michael was impressed and now the Acacia Family are part of the Allcorp family, and we look forward to growing with their business as well.
  • Movie to watch – Frye: It was recently released on Netflix, about a festival that sold tickets for upwards of $12,000 per person and the festival never happened – where did all the money go and how did the people not do any research to find out they were being scammed in the first place!? I highly recommend watching this 1 hour and 40 minute documentary. Sometimes, you can’t always believe everything you read online. Influential marketing is telling someone to jump off a bridge – and someone will do it. Crazy isn’t it? I hope you enjoy it. And if you do watch Netflix, then you should really stop doing TV commercials for your business!
  • It's going to be a fabulous year and even better news, we are now introducing Oliver to the Allcorp team – another Website Designer who is a Cairns local, born and bred, so now Allcorp can keep up with all the many websites! Oliver brings maturity and fantastic design elements, which keeps Allcorp at the forefront of digital marketing in our region!
As 2018 draws to a close, we wanted to say thank you to all of our clients for their support, and we're going on a holiday.

2018 has been one of the busiest years on record for all of us here at Allcorp. All of the team have given it 110% to produce some of the best online marketing for our clients, while still maintaining the high quality that Allcorp have become synonymous for.

All in all we launched more than 85 brand new websites for local North Queensland businesses. Some of these were existing clientele getting site redesigns and many more were brand new Allcorp clients who made the wise decision to make the move from the old analogue advertising they were doing into a more focused and modern style.

We have heard such great feedback from our clients and many of them are now utilising Allcorp as their only source of marketing. After our advice has been given and we explain how their investments in the phone books and other dated advertising mediums, the clients are really amazed that they can benefit from an increased amount of business and leads from a much more efficient and modern approach to their marketing. We've even been able to help over 100 local North Queensland businesses get free of those horrible contracts they were previously imprisoned to with Local Search & Yellow Pages.

In 2019 we have employed more people. This means we can expect an increased production of our top tier products while still being able to provide exceptional service to our rapidly growing customer base.

Coming into our 19th year in our industry, and as the largest locally owned business of our type in the region as well as the business who has been doing this much longer than anyone else, means we can continue to grow with local business in North Queensland and continue to set the bar higher with the standards of service we provide.

We'd like to thank everyone for their continued support. As long as Allcorp maintains market dominance in Cairns & Townsville every local business can benefit from a proper customer focused and truly local experience. It also means our clients will not have to deal with national companies with off shore call centres. With Allcorp, you deal face to face with a locally owned family business, and we intend to keep it this way as it is what sets us apart from all of the rest.

Our studio will be closed from December 13th, 2018 until January 2nd, 2019 while all of our management staff enjoy a well earned break. For emergencies, we are all available on email during this time and we are keeping a support staff on site to ensure emergency work can be carried out promptly.

Before we get to the latest websites to go online in Cairns & Townsville, here's a short word from the local team you have been dealing with over the past 12 months

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"It's great to be able to help local business"

I've been with Allcorp since it first began almost 19 years ago. In this time we have grown to be able to offer local business in North Queensland with all of the latest marketing trends to help generate them more business.

2018 was no different. It seems to get busier and busier each year and this year was no exception. So many industry leading website projects have gone online this year and I have been involved in every one of them personally.

It's also great that we are developing a solid team of consultants who are crucial to providing local businesses with much needed education into how the digital marketing world works and how they can all benefit from it.

It has been our mission to really drive home to our clients the changes that have happened in the last few years and how business owners can make their marketing spend much more efficient.

Through this campaign we have really helped hundreds of businesses cut spending completely in the old media outlets such as the phone book guys and, through expert guidance, we have been able to improve their business with more leads and enquiries while also saving them substantial amounts of money.

Over this year we have managed to get all but a few of our thousand plus clients out of the phone book grind and into much better, locally focused and completely NQ developed marketing strategies. And it has been great to see the entire North Queensland region really embrace what we have been explaining and make the move into better marketing with Allcorp.

I am looking forward to an even bigger and better 2019, now approaching our twentieth year, and with new members of the Allcorp team hitting the ground running, we'll be able to help many more local businesses receive the benefits they deserve.

Thanks to all of our clients for staying loyal to our strategies over this year. I am about to go on a well deserved break, driving on the Autobahn's to get away from this weather, for 3 weeks. See you all in January!

Bril Mayer
Managing Director

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"Hello to all (cyber space) travelers"

We’d love to congratulate all our digital marketing and Google marketing clients who have successfully completed another year’s worth of advertising campaigns. Our clients have fully embraced all the resources available and have experienced all the benefits when they have allowed Allcorp to create the fully functional and successful platforms absolutely necessary to succeed in this digital world.

At Allcorp, we know their Xmas will be great.

It is with regret that some of our clients have not, at this stage, moved into the 21st Century “new technology” platforms, mainly because they have been influenced by commission only sales people from other industries who don’t keep our Cairns, Townsville and South East corner clients’ best interests at heart…remember, these reps have to buy Xmas presents as well.

At least we know that these Allcorp clients have deferred their digital advertising decisions till next year. This affords them the opportunity to carefully consider all options because… these Allcorp clients fully appreciate that making a wrong decision about who will handle their digital advertising can haunt them for many years. A bad decision will make for a very un-happy 2019.

For your business, 2019 is going to yield bigger and better results. The team at Allcorp (Queensland’s preferred) will continue to help make 2019 a very profitable year for all Queensland clients.

I'm off to see some of the amazing wildlife on offer in our world and look forward to seeing everyone again in 2019.

Peter Mayer
Managing Director

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"A big thanks to everyone again for warmly welcoming me into their business"

Like every year, this time rolls around way too quickly and here we are again, listening to Christmas carols in the shopping centre, especially last week during the heat wave where we looked at shopping centres as temples with airconditioning. I hope everyone has a Happy Christmas this year and a safe and prosperous New Year!

Looking back on this year, it was great to see majority of you implement Google campaigns and boosting budgets to boost more traffic on your website with an end result to boost more business. I noticed everyone making the move from those very expensive contracts we were all so used to paying with the phone book companies and redivert some of that spend into modern marketing, achieving real results, with the local team here at Allcorp. We have lots of exciting things happening in 2019 and the reason why Allcorp have been at the forefront of digital marketing for 19 years in Far North Queensland, as we continue to strive digital marketing innovation and proactiveness.

Whilst Allcorp continue to develop new and exciting website designs, it’s all areas of the website that make a great first impression of your business, whether it’s uniquely written copy writing that deliver your selling messages 24/7, a Google campaign to invite traffic to look at your website and a commercial photoshoot, that showcases the real depth of your services – these are all the fundamentals that come together that deliver a great website – and we provide all of that!

This year, we had some VERY exciting photoshoots take place and we have prepared a special gallery for you to look through later this week, as we update the Allcorp website which is need of a refresh, as I’m sure you’ve heard us say that to yourselves this year as well, so we’re leading by example.

A big thanks to everyone again for warmly welcoming me into their business’ this year and continued trust you put into Allcorp to make your phones ring! Also, a special thanks to my own team this year, for putting up with me, as I now enter my third year at Allcorp. Looking forward to continue our working relationships well into the future with everyone.

Leto our office watchdog and lunch thief looks forward to stealing more of my lunches in 2019!

Tiffany Marcantelli
Account Director

tiffany marcantelli and leto website design sales
"Next year there will be more to learn about and stay aware of..."

Thanks for doing the BIZ with us over the past year, as you know I’m more of a behind the scenes team member at Allcorp, ensuring all your invoices go out on time and your domains are always kept up to date! It’s been an exciting year and lots of high’s and lows’ like everything in life and business.

I’m sure you’re all aware of the many scams we’ve identified this year, especially the one with the Domain Name Renewal Services, some domains that you’ve never owned before. Thank goodness for Allcorp being here to assist with advising you on things like this, because if a domain name renewal arrives at your business, if it doesn’t have Allcorp as the provider on this invoice, than you should know by now this can be spam or a scam. If you ever have queries with regards to paying your invoices for anything related to your digital marketing and it doesn’t come from us, you should feel safe to either give us a call to confirm, or file it in the bin, we’re here to help and educate!

I’m sure next year we’ll find many more of these scams, which is why Allcorp continue to stay ahead of these to inform you, either through your Account Directors or whenever you phone us and speak with the local team here in Cairns or Townsville, plus in our newsletters, we try to be as informative as possible.

Next year there will be more to learn about and stay aware of, so don’t hesitate to speak with your Account Directors or give us a call on a local number, where you’re guaranteed to speak with the team. We will also have an exciting announcement in 2019 – make sure you keep up to date with Allcorp news!

To all our very, very, very valued clients, here’s to a great break… be it small or lengthy.. enjoy to the MAX and have a happy festive season!

Sherene Mayer
Accounts & Administration

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"We can do it - just ask!"

Crikey – another year has flown by at almost the same speed as the Allcorp servers which have had a much easier time this year thanks to last year’s upgrades – thank goodness Allcorp continue to be proactive in this field, rather than reactive!

This year definitely takes the cake and I know many of you don’t get to hear from me directly, mostly because I’m a night owl, working on the websites when the team aren’t working on them during the day! This year, I’ve been very proud to work on some very exciting engines. The main term of these engines is varied, as I’m sure the team have informed you on, whether it’s a shopping cart with PayPal mixed into the piece, just like - this was a very exciting project and even more exciting seeing many seafood orders commence as soon as it went online, especially during the lead up to Christmas – got to love having prawns on Christmas day!

A little bit more complex was with a very different buy online feature which included an installation price along with the product price, thanks to your mates at Top To Bottom Plumbing looking out for you. Such a great idea too was the embedded payment feature of Stripe, meaning the online buyer doesn’t need to exit the website to pay for their items, another way to bring peace of mind to your online buyers!

Another beauty was – a custom made booking calendar, a Wish List, Shop Online and Magic Buy section, with a new upgrade to promote the internal promotions in-store at Status Plus so you can do all your selecting from the comfort of your own home, so when you make your appointment with the local team at Status Plus they know exactly what you’re there to speak about and who to see – another reason why to view the 19 reasons why at Status Plus.

And just today, we put online a brand new Car Sales inventory for our friends at so people looking at cars online can contact a local business in Hervey Bay, a much needed upgrade for a 10 year old website – this I’m sure is a king website in a place like Hervey Bay and we hope our mates there get some great traction on this engine over the Chrissy period and well into the years ahead!

As you can see, they’re all very different but provide the overall outcome for our Allcorp clients, whatever your needs may be and how we work in your custom made engine with your own internal system, we can do it – just ask!

So you now see the constant development of IT and web technologies continue to push the envelope and so while the front office staff wind down for a well-earned break we will run diagnostics on all systems to ensure we hit the ground running in 2019.

Have a great Christmas y’all

Steve Irwin
Web Developer

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"We've been in business for close to 30 years and the best thing we could have done is have Allcorp refresh our brand and create our new website."

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Ash and Michelle Moseley
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"Allcorp are nothing but amazing! So responsive and seem to make magic happen on our ever changing website and google ads! I would recommend them to anyone in a heart beat."

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AG Height Safety Queensland
"Allcorp have amazing customer service. They treat you like family and are always on top of making sure everything is running right to suit your business needs."

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"We couldn't recommend Allcorp enough. They go above and beyond to help with all enquiries, they have impeccable customer service and always do it with a smile. Great company to do business with."

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Shannon Craven-Sands
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"I really appreciate all of the excellent work and extreme efforts from Allcorp. I can tell the difference already as work has picked up another notch again. We're very busy! "

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A selection of website designs by Allcorp from last month

All of these projects have been managed from start to finish by our local team. At Allcorp we are the local choice for professional website design.

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